1985 Ferrari 288 GTO Struts Its Stuff At Auction For The First Time In Decades

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And it has less than 4000 miles on it!

Ferrari has a long and storied past behind the name and legend which now accompanies the brand. With extreme poise and grace, fans were left with jaws on the floor as the fire-breathing Ferraris ripped through the tight corners and long straights of the European racing circuit. This trend continues today as these Rosso Corsa rapscallions are the pinnacle of speed and Italian performance. The mid-engine, high revving, and powerful beast have carved out a niche for themselves as pioneers for implementing track and road performance in the automotive industry. As impressive as the newer models are, we mustn’t forget the intense history surrounding these cars. This particular vehicle shows that off quite well and presents to the world a time in which Ferrari was at a peak.

The car in question is a

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How This Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo Got Turned Into One of the World’s Fastest Camera Cars

Filming high-speed chase scenes just got a little easier for one UK-based film company.

Ralle, a small media operation focused on automotive content, has just gone and converted a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo into its very own high-performance camera car, according to The Drive. There aren’t any official records for this sort of thing, but the modified racer almost certainly becomes one of the world’s fastest, ground-based camera rigs.

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The company’s Ferrari camera rig made its public debut at the 2021 British Motor Show at Farnborough on Thursday. The car is the result of collaboration between Ralle and Talos Vehicles, a custom shop located in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, according to a press release. It supposedly took just one week to adapt the car for filming, though it’s unclear what that actually entailed, other than equipping the hood with a pylon that can

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Why This Unrestored 1955 Ferrari Could Fetch a Bonkers $2.6 Million at Auction

The allure of unrestored cars has grown over the past couple of decades, with “survivor” vehicles now featured in their own classes at the most prestigious concours events worldwide. The most coveted of these survivors are so-called barn finds—cars sequestered in a dusty garage, shuttered warehouse or even a chicken coup, only to be disinterred decades later. Visions of Howard Carter opening King Tut’s tomb come to mind, and these modern-day automotive discoveries reveal their own amazing secrets.

This 1955 Ferrari 250 Europa GT, offered by Gooding & Company, is an exciting example of a car likely to be worth as much or more in its original condition than if it were a pristine, restored example. That this Prancing Horse has been in a state of suspended animation for 55 years makes it a precious research tool for collectors, historians and restorers. Gooding & Company estimates it will bring

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