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Holcomb’s Transport and Recovery Inc.

Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery Inc., 2281 Airport Road, in Hot Springs, is a first-generation business owned by David Holcomb.

“In 2004, I was given the opportunity to go to work for Lloyd’s Auto Sales, 1814 Albert Pike Road. In the nearly five years I worked for Lloyd Robertson, he was gracious enough to teach me how to run a business right. After a lot of deliberation, a little push from Lloyd, and a ton of support from a long list of friends and family, I decided it was time to go out on my own,” Holcomb said.

Holcomb’s offers 24/7 towing, jump starts, tire changes, fuel deliveries, help if you’re locked out of your vehicle and sells new and used tires.

In June 2008, “we started with one regular light-duty wrecker and one rollback tow truck. Now we are the priority provider for a long list of insurance companies including

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Watch Now: Dane County excavator sinks in Yahara River, rescue mission launched | Local Government

A Dane County excavator got stuck in part of the Yahara River in McFarland on Tuesday, prompting a dayslong rescue effort to pull the heavy machinery out of the water.

The excavator had tried to cross a shallow part of the river between Lake Waubesa and Mud Lake Tuesday morning as part of a multimillion-dollar county program to suck muck out of the Yahara to alleviate flooding. After passing over a soft spot in the river, the excavator got stuck in the muck.

Typically, the county floats a barge over the river as part of the dredging process. But due to the low water levels, the county used excavators to deepen the river, said Laura Hicklin, the director of the county’s Land and Water Resources Department.

“Our goal is to have it out of the water as soon as possible, possibly today or tomorrow,”

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City Council strikes down police impound and towing contract


Wichita’s City Council rejected a contract with nine towing companies for impounding and emergency towing service for the Wichita Police Department.

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The Wichita City Council rejected contracts with nine towing companies that impound vehicles for the Wichita Police Department, with one member saying the move hurts small businesses and another accusing the firms of price gouging at the expense of some of city’s most vulnerable residents.

The move represents a failed, last-minute renegotiation of a contract that’s set to expire June 1. The City Council delayed the contract earlier this month in hopes the companies would alter their proposal. That did not happen.

Mayor Brandon Whipple and council members Mike Hoheisel and Maggie Ballard voted to strike down the deal. Whipple called a special meeting for next Wednesday where the contract and rate structures could be reconsidered.

“We went into negotiations in good faith with the anticipation

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Investigation at auto sales business leads to arrests in catalytic converter thefts, sheriff says

Two men in Stanly County are facing dozens of charges in connection with an investigation into catalytic converter thefts and a local auto sales business, the sheriff’s office said.

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On Tuesday, detectives with the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office and Narcotics division finished up an investigation into several catalytic converter thefts in the county.

Sarch warrants were executed at Huneycutt Auto Sales and Wrecker Service, at 907 West Main Street and at 121 Harwood Street, both in Albemarle.

Investigators arrested and charged Richard Stephen Huneycutt and Haywood Richardson following the search.

Richard Huneycutt was charged with 29 counts of felony conspiracy, possession with intent to sell and deliver Schedule II controlled substance, trafficking opium/heroin and possession with intent to sell and deliver Schedule IV controlled substance.


Haywood Richardson was charged with 29

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