Month: January 2022

Geely and Renault sign agreement to take on S. Korea, together

Chinese automotive giant and Volvo/Polestar parent company, Geely, has signed an agreement with the French Renault Group to launch a new collaboration intended to bring fuel-efficient hybrid electric cars to South Korea, as well as export sales into other Asian markets.

The Renault-Geely collaboration represents a continuation of efforts made by both companies in producing low-emission and electrified model vehicles, as well as increasing their penetration in the Asian HEV and PHEV markets. The partnership also represent the next step in Renault’s “Renaulution” (groan) program designed to upgrade the French carmaker’s brand and product portfolio.

For Geely’s part, it seems as if it has found another customer for its “modular vehicle platform” architecture in Renault. The new Asian-market Renault vehicles will be built on the Volvo-developed “compact modular architecture”, or CMA platform, and use Geely/Volvo-developed powertrains under a skin that could resemble the Renault Megane-e concept vehicle

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Carmic.Con a Different Type of Automotive Swagger Enters the American Car Scene | State

HOUSTON, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Anime, pop-culture, and Automotive enthusiast markets are massive. They makeup three of the largest multibillion dollar industries that Carmic.con is at a prime positioned to explode into in the great melting pot of America to create something different dubbed American Itasha in the the automotive world.

In America, the classification of “American Itasha” now exists. Created by Koriey Dixon, owner of Carmic.Con in late 2019 to reflect the trends he witnessed in Itasha culture in America. “American Itasha” is not limited to just anime and other Japanese characters, art, and vehicles. “American Itasha” builds on the shoulders of the Traditional Japanese Itasha definition as we understand it, but it is all inclusive of diverse content from anime series, cartoons, pop culture, manga series, comic books, movies, video games or any types of works of art.

At present, Carmic.Con host Professional American Itasha

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Classic, Collectible and Salvage Automotive Auction Sites That Compete with Bring a Trailer

The automotive auction platform, Bring a Trailer, a popular destination for classic and collector cars, recently announced a new sales record for 2021, in both the total number of sales and in values of vehicles on the site.

Last year, the site held 21,349 auctions with 17,846 successful sales totaling $828 million—a 108 percent increase from 2020. Bring a Trailer also saw a sell rate of more than 83 percent for the year.

“With the changing times of what is considered a classic or collector car, Bring a Trailer has become more relevant than ever with our breadth of auctions and valuation trend data to back it up,” said Co-founder and President Randy Nonnenberg in a press release.

“The expansion of the BaT community, our low fees, and the ever-increasing visibility of our online listings is what has fueled such growth. Our team has done an amazing job of

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