Month: August 2021

Automotive Digital Key Market records a CAGR of over 7% by 2025| 17000+ Technavio Reports | State

NEW YORK, Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to the latest market research report on Automotive Digital Key Market from Technavio, the market is expected to expand at a healthy CAGR of over 7%. The growth can be mainly attributed to the increasing demand for car-sharing and car rental services.

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With the gradual recovery of markets from the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic, the Automotive Digital Key Market industry is likely to witness a negative impact during the forecast period.

Companies across the globe are focusing on creating a Resilient Business Model in the Face of COVID-19. Vendors are continuing their ongoing operations while building resilient business models as the path to recovery from the pandemic is being carved out.

The recovery process involves various phases including:-

  •  Adjust their
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Karma goes after fleet market with plans to electrify commercial trucks

Karma Automotive is looking to make the improbable leap from luxury cars to commercial trucks.

The California-based company announced Monday that it will offer engineering and contract-manufacturing services to fleet customers under the “Powered by Karma” banner. The plan is to offer modular electrified powertrains for a variety of applications, including buses, RVs, step vans, and box trucks, a Karma press release said.

Karma will display two such vehicles—a delivery van and a shuttle bus—Advanced Clean Tech (ACT) Expo this week in Long Beach, California, but didn’t discuss any pending orders for the vehicles.

2021 Karma GS-6

2021 Karma GS-6

The powertrain package Karma plans to offer is designed for Class 3-6 commercial vehicles, with maximum output of 268 horsepower and 1,327 pound-feet of torque. This seems like another iteration of Karma’s previous efforts to enter the commercial-vehicle sector.

Karma has been working on a new platform for commercial vehicles—potentially also to

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Pamplin Media Group – ‘She-canics’ Women in the automotive repair industry

This article brought to you by Lance Griffin – Lance’s Superior Auto Service – AUTO SERVICE INSIDER –

From Grease Monkey to Grease Mama, women are no longer sidelined in the automotive repair industry. They are making their mark in a once male-dominated industry and while still relatively uncommon, currently, there are more women mechanics than ever before.

Why? For a few reasons. The trend has been increasing as the evolution of modern cars change. Women are more interested in cars, the utility of cars, speed and style. Women make up 25% of the tech field and nearly 10% of the automotive repair industry and these numbers are expected to grow. Comparatively, in 1999, women were just 1% of the automotive repair workforce.

Today, dads are taking an active interest in sharing their car interests with their daughters and it’s paying off. Women are less likely to rely on men

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Hurricane Ida: What to know about flood-damaged cars

Thousands of cars are expected to be damaged by the flood waters caused by Hurricane Ida in the southeast United States, many beyond repair.

(Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Both owners and insurers will have to deal with the aftermath and decide what to do with the vehicles, while car shoppers need to keep a wary eye for any totaled vehicles that end up on the used market illegally. The current high demand for used cars may compound the issue.

Here are a few things all of the affected parties need to know:


A: No, in almost all cases. If the car was only in a few inches of water that didn’t rise past the bottom of the body, maybe. Water higher than that can get into wires, transmission parts, the exhaust or other places. Deeper water could enter the cylinders that

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