Toyota RAV4 (2013 – 2019) | Expert Rating


Arriving in UK showrooms in early 2013, the fourth-generation Toyota RAV4 was a mid-sized five-door SUV/crossover that was sold until 2019, including a mid-life facelift in 2016. It was replaced by the current RAV4.

The line-up consisted of a selection of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, as well as a range-topping petrol-electric hybrid powertrain.

Throughout its lifespan, the fourth-generation Toyota RAV4 received below average to very good reviews from the British motoring media during its production life. The Sunday Times described it as “a solid beast with better on-road handling than most of its rivals and lots of boot space”, while The Telegraph said that it was “cheap and nasty inside, and not very pleasant to drive”.

Though the car’s interior and exterior styling was rather dull for some, reviewers generally agreed that the RAV4 had a spacious cabin which was well-equipped with on-board tech as standard, and that

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Stephen King’s best movies embrace low art

If he’s known for one thing, Stephen King is the horror guy. He’s the author who wrote Carrie, or It, or The Shining, or any other work you can think of that seems designed to burrow deep into your psyche and discover what scares you most. King is really good at it, too, whether you’re more familiar with the books he’s written or the movies almost all of them have been turned into.

What’s core to King’s appeal, though, is that his stories embrace the schlock that is the cornerstone of the horror genre. Christine is a story about a killer car, and while it’s also about teenage isolation and a general feeling of purposelessness, it’s also very much just about a car that tries to kill people on behalf of its owner. King has never shied away from the pulp inherent in the conceits of his

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Nothing Less Than Excess: XS CarNight Wörthersee Edition 4.0

I’ll save any smart introductions and just say this: I have never experienced a car show quite like XS CarNight before.

A quick browse of their Instagram and you might think that XS is a subtle affair, what with minimalistic post layouts and some fairly classy photos. You might also assume that being held in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, all you’d see is a range of VW Golfs. I really didn’t know what to expect going in, but within seconds of meeting XS head honcho Andy Füllborn, it became pretty clear that the night was going to be just as much a party as it was a car show.


In truth, XS CarNight Wörthersee was a battery of the senses at first. This was a busy show. Just after opening there was a swarm of people in and around every car. Speaking of which, Saj and I were practically drowning in

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Best Google Search Techniques That Will Make Your Study or Work Easier

Every year the amount of information on the Internet is increasing, and finding the right page is becoming increasingly difficult. Sometimes it can take hours or even days to find specific material, some decent service for your query “who can write my article for me”, or “how to write an outstanding essay”. To learn how not to waste unnecessary time and to use Google’s search engine more effectively, we tell you here.

Find a file by its format

If you need a specific format of a document, such as just .pdf or .txt, this feature comes in handy. Type a query into the search box, followed by the command “filetype:pdf”. Any format can be followed by a colon: ppt, txt, doc, and more.

Use Specific Phrases

Sometimes the words to a song pop into your head, but you don’t even know the title or the artist. So you don’t

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