The Latest Automotive Safety Recalls

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Read More Releases 2021 Car Seat Fit Report Card, Rating the Best Vehicles on the Market for Car Seat Safety — Only Four Make the Honor Roll

CHICAGO, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading car shopping marketplace (NYSE: CARS) today released its 2021 Car Seat Fit Report Card, providing parents and caregivers with essential information on which family vehicles best fit car seats for infants, toddlers and young children. This year, compiled Car Seat Check scores for 51 vehicles evaluated over the last year by’s certified child-passenger safety technicians.2 assigned a letter grade to each of the 2021-22 vehicles evaluated. To view the complete list, visit

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Of the 51 vehicles evaluated, only four made the Honor Roll, achieving straight A’s in their Car Seat Checks:

According to a national survey, 56% of parents stated they have installed a car seat incorrectly, while 84% of parents find some level of the process ‘frustrating.’1’s Car Seat Fit Report Card,

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It’s easy to check your car’s safety rating: Here’s how

Be safe.


It’s easy to overlook safety as a crucial part of your car, but it’s a crucial pillar to any vehicle. In the event of a crash, a car’s number one job is to keep passengers as safe as can be. With that in mind, you can check your current car’s safety rating with a few simple steps. Or, if you’re shopping for a new car, you can find that particular vehicle’s safety rating too.

Here’s how to find out your car’s safety rating, and what happens if the federal government hasn’t tested a particular car.

1. Have your year, make and model information

Perhaps you know it by heart, or you need to find this information. The owner’s manual included with your car will give you all the relevant information needed to supply the proper year, make and model. Don’t have the owner’s manual? A window

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Car Safety Fixes That Could Be Implemented Now

We covered exciting new technologies in “What’s Next in Car Safety?” Not every potentially life-saving feature needs a massive investment, or invention of next-generation tech.

Here we raise some simpler features that our automotive engineers would like to see on today’s cars. And these could all be readily implemented, using current tech in creative ways.

Wipers on? Lights on.

Headlights make a car more visible in bad weather, says CR automotive engineer Alex Knizek. We think a vehicle’s headlights should automatically turn on when a driver turns on the wipers, just like some vehicles from Ford, Honda, Subaru, and others do. Twenty states already have “wipers on, lights on” laws.

Rollaway Prevention

A driver shouldn’t be able to walk away from a vehicle accidentally left in gear, says Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at CR. We believe a car should auto-shift into Park

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