Day: February 22, 2021

Karma prices GS-6 plug-in hybrid arriving soon, teases electric SUV due in 2022

Karma Automotive Monday revealed pricing for its more affordable plug-in hybrid luxury car, the GS-6

With its arrival this month, the GS-6 starts at $83,900. A high-performance GS-6S model starts at $103,900. A fully electric GSe-6 model, set to arrive late this year with a choice between two battery packs—Luxury and Long Range—starts at $79,000. 

It also teased what’s next for the California-based carmaker: the GX-1 Series, an SUV to be built on a new global platform, in both battery electric and extended-range EV versions. This model will be due for first deliveries in 2022, the company revealed.

Karma GX SUV teaser

Karma GX SUV teaser

There’s a lot more backstory, however, for the company that started seven years ago and has roots in a design—the FIsker Karma—that predated the Tesla Model S as a sexy green car.

Remakes over reinvention

The GS-6 is essentially a repositioning of the Revero GT that

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Apple Car LiDAR sensor report just tipped release date

The Apple Car just took another step towards reality, with a new report claiming Apple is in talks to buy LiDAR sensors to power self-driving car systems. 

According to Bloomberg Apple is looking for sensors that will be cutting edge “four to five years from now,” giving us a better idea of when the car may arrive. We’re probably looking at 2025 at the earliest. 

Apparently, Apple is in active talks with a number of companies that can supply it with the LiDAR sensors.

The companies reportedly asked not to be identified, due to the “private nature of the discussions.” Presumably, they may also be worried that being publicly associated with the Apple Car will lead to Apple canceling talks. Supposedly, such a reveal was behind the sudden cancelation of the deal between Apple and Hyundai/Kia, after reports came out that they would both be involved in manufacturing the

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