Day: February 11, 2021

Remembering Dale, The “Car of the Future” That Suddenly Disappeared

Elizabeth Carmichael and the Dale car

Elizabeth Carmichael and the Dale car

It was the early ‘90s in Santa Paula, California. On the auction block sat a rare car, a three-wheeled mythical beast the color of Juicy Fruit. In the audience sat Leslie Kendall, hoping to score a showpiece for the newly opened Petersen Automotive Museum. He convinced the museum’s curator that if they drove out to the sale, they may be able to score it with the little money they had for acquisitions at the time. When they arrived, they were dismayed to find others had the same idea.

“I remember the bidding got to about $6,000 and people started dropping out,” recalls Kendall, who is now chief historian at the Petersen. By the time it got to $7,000, there were only two bidding parties left, them and one other man. They started going back and forth in increments of $100 until they hit $7,500,

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Knowledge Heart

Many of the changes occurring in the automotive market at the moment, including tightened credit markets in a capital-intensive industry and elevated authorities involvement are the newest global challenges. Our mission is to enable collaboration within the automotive and associated industries and to offer entry to information, schooling and the instruments needed so our stakeholders can continually enhance the environment during which they function. The automobile industry is without doubt one of the most vital sectors around and plays a big function in our society. Going forward we can count on many new improvements that will push expertise forward. A landscape shift towards extra environmentally-pleasant vehicles is predicted to keep trending.

straight-run gasoline, generally known as naphtha, which is distilled straight from crude oil. As soon as the leading supply of gasoline, its low octane rating required lead components. It is low in aromatics (depending on the grade of the … Read More

Apple and Tesla expert says Apple is getting into the car business

Is Apple going to build a car, partner on a car, or offer software and services for cars? You’ve heard all of those theories — and heard them retracted. Now what?

“I think it’s important to make a distinction between when Apple works on something compared to when it sees the light of day,” says Gene Munster,  co-founder and managing partner of Loup Ventures and a keen watcher of Apple and its automotive doppelganger, Tesla. “It’s very clear Apple has ambitions to build a car. It was not clear six months ago.”

Apple car rendering

Designer Aristomenis Tsirbas won a contest to imagine the Apple Car back in 2015, but the company has yet to produce one. 

Aristomenis Tsirbas

Our conversation was booked as rumors flew that Hyundai or Kia were about to announce a deal to build cars with Apple. By the time the interview took place a few

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What’s causing the chip shortage affecting PS5, cars and more?

A close up image of a CPU socket and motherboard laying on the table.

Narumon Bowonkitwanchai | Moment | Getty Images

A chip shortage that started as consumers stocked up on personal computers and other electronics during the Covid-19 pandemic now threatens to snarl car production around the world.

On Tuesday, GM said that it would extend production cuts in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico until the middle of March. They join a long list of major automakers, including Ford, Honda and Fiat Chrysler, which have warned investors or slowed vehicle production because of the chip shortage.

But it’s not just the automotive industry that’s struggling to get enough semiconductors to build their products. AMD and Qualcomm, which sell chips to most of the top electronics firms, have noted the shortage in recent weeks. Sony blamed the chip shortage for why it’s so hard to get a

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