Perfectly Recreated Porsche 911 Restomod And How It’s Made

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Some people have a passion that seems limitless in particular areas, these geniuses of innovation and design are a very abundant resource in the automotive community.

Among these connoisseurs of car culture is Adam Hawley, this prodigy of Porsche design created a company from the ground up with the sole intent to create a vehicle that speaks to automotive fans just as the 911 once did to him. This brings us to Theon Design, the name behind the masterpiece comes from the founder’s son, Theo. After being inspired at a young age Hawley decided that he would use his passion to design and create some of the world’s coolest Porsche restomods and he did not disappoint. How are these British takes on a German classic created?

The process begins with a Porsche 964 which is converted to a perfectly designed 911 resto-mod through

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Hemmels Turns the Classic Mercedes-Benz 280SL ‘Pagoda’ Into an Electrified Restomod

Between Hemmels‘ vaguely Teutonic-sounding name and obsession with Mercedes-Benz classics, you’d be forgiven for assuming the automotive restoration outfit was based somewhere along the Rhine. Instead, a trip to the town of Cardiff in Wales is required to visit Hemmels’ pristine workshops, where typically on display are four specific Merc models in various states of undress.

Since 2016, Hemmels has had only one goal in mind, to do ground-up rebuilds of vintage Mercedes 300 SL Gullwings and Roadsters, 190SLs, and 280SLs—the latter best known as “Pagodas” for their squared-off roofs. The word “restoration” doesn’t do Hemmels’ work justice. The company, in fact, trademarked its process with the name Neugeboren, or “new born” in German, a nod to the fact that Hemmels believes customers should view the result of each 12-month project as a new car, one-year warranty included.

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With 50 examples of

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