Perfectly Recreated Porsche 911 Restomod And How It’s Made

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Some people have a passion that seems limitless in particular areas, these geniuses of innovation and design are a very abundant resource in the automotive community.

Among these connoisseurs of car culture is Adam Hawley, this prodigy of Porsche design created a company from the ground up with the sole intent to create a vehicle that speaks to automotive fans just as the 911 once did to him. This brings us to Theon Design, the name behind the masterpiece comes from the founder’s son, Theo. After being inspired at a young age Hawley decided that he would use his passion to design and create some of the world’s coolest Porsche restomods and he did not disappoint. How are these British takes on a German classic created?

The process begins with a Porsche 964 which is converted to a perfectly designed 911 resto-mod through a long and arduous process. Step one is stripping the car down. The vehicle will have to be taken down to the bare metal. After this is complete, the team will extend the front end to accommodate for the long hood of the earlier generation 911. The rest of the body is formed from hand-beaten steel arches which are created to emulate Hawley’s 3D design perfectly. The cars are also available in carbon fiber bodies which have a different process than the full steel bodies.

Hawley says that one of his team’s main objectives is to “remove complexity while adding lightness” which, in the final stages, produces a car that weighs an incredibly light 1,248-kg or 2751-lbs. One of Howley’s favorite parts of creating these beautiful machines is the interior. The goal with the inside is to create a car that feels like an early generation Porsche while still retaining what makes a modern car great. Engine options range from a modest 3.6-liter to an aggressive 4.0-liter engine and include options to supercharge the Porsche powerhouse to make big dyno numbers. The company, as it is fairly new, is only on its third car but we hope to see more of them in the future as they have real potential and a passion to back it up.

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