Custom First Gen Corvette Restomod Will Make Jaws Drop At Auction

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This car is the perfect vehicle for any classic Corvette enthusiast with a passion for speed and style.

Custom Corvettes are some of the most excellent cars on the enthusiast automotive market because of their incredible versatility and style that combines the best of 1960s design with modern tech and driving innovations. While we see a ton of C2s and C3 variations of these cars, it is pretty tricky to find first-generation Corvettes that have been changed from the original state at all. Purists are particularly protective of these cars as they represent the early stages of the Corvette name that has grown to nearly unbelievable proportions. So many enthusiasts are faced with the difficult decision of finding a scrapped shell, restoring it, and restomodding it or chopping up an already good condition car and risk damaging the vehicle permanently. That was until this car rolled onto the classic restomod scene.

With a tremendous amount of style and attention to detail, this 1962 Chevrolet Corvette is a stunning work of art that sports the best vintage and modern eras. Under the hood is a massive 454 ci LSX V8 engine, pushing out 627 horsepower 586 ft/lbs of torque. All of that power is sent to the gigantic rear tires through a Ford nine-inch back end, a prevalent choice in the racing community for its strength under lots of pressure. All of this is controlled via a GM 4L80E automatic transmission which makes driving this car an enjoyable time with smooth changes between gears, making the acceleration seem nearly linear.

Fans of the brand will notice that the exterior is sporting a beautifully crafted duckbill spoiler, which helps keep the rear wheels planted on the ground on hard acceleration and high speeds. The silver-painted exterior is perfectly contrasted by the brown leather interior laced with plenty of small details that paint a broader picture. Luxury and comfort were a big focus for the interior and exterior, further reinforced by the huge chrome wheels and the molded body lines, which brings the whole build together quite nicely. If you are a classic Corvette enthusiast passionate about speed, you need this car.

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