Ford Galaxie Pays Homage To Vintage Racers

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This incredible classic Ford boasts plenty of powerful ponies under the hood and a few NASCAR mods to serve as tribute to the racing cars of old.

Old Nascar racers are some of the most prominent legends in automotive history for their crazy feats of bravery, incredible cars, and high-risk, high reward lifestyle. This has made the image of one of these vehicles an idol within the car community as they are constantly some of the last genuine relics of the 1960s and 1970s. If you have been following the “Sleeper Dude” build channel in any aspect, then you should know that they currently have possession of an incredible 1964 Ford Galaxie 500. While the condition is less than optimal for most automotive collectors, this is the perfect project car for the “Sleeper Dude” family. The latest addition to this vehicle will amaze you with its ability to change the car’s appearance and style altogether.

Check out a Ford Galaxie that shows no mercy here.

While it may not seem like much, wheels are often a pivotal centerpiece for your car, which is prevalent with this first modification. Replacing the small wheel and tire setup that the Galaxie came with is a set of period-correct NASCAR-inspired wheels accompanied by some fat racing tires. The color scheme of gold was chosen for these wheels as it flows exceptionally well with the pre-existing exterior paint job. Of course, this has an insane effect on the general appearance of this vehicle, but this was certainly not the only customized option that improves the vehicle’s performance and looks.

The final new modification for today is the addition of a side exit exhaust which is a welcome replacement over the rusted through the stock exhaust. Previously the car didn’t even have mid-pipes because of copious amounts of damage to the exhaust system and underside of the vehicle. The new system is a new set of shiny pipes that feature zero mufflers and produce a beautiful sound from that 390 ci big-block V8. Unfortunately, while it would be pretty amazing to see this muscle car do some laps around a track, the brakes went out right before the first test drive; we’ll have to wait till next time to see what happens.

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