Here’s Why The Mercedes 300 SL Is The Greatest Mercedes Racer Of All Time

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The Mercedes 300 SL is one of the coolest cars to ever come out of Germany with tons of technological innovation and prestige under its belt.

The Mercedes Benz 300 SLR is one of those legendary vehicles that will forever stand out in automotive history as a truly innovative and pivotal step toward the beautiful cars we all know and love today. While the name may suggest otherwise, this car would go on to positively benefit all automotive manufacturers rather than just Mercedes as it was the first-ever to utilize a fuel injection system rather than a carburetor. This, along with many other technological advancements, made the car a cultural icon with German automotive enthusiasts as it pushed forward the progression of automotive design by decades.

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Under the hood of some of the earlier vehicles sat a reasonably large 3.2-liter engine from one of the heavier sedans, which was the perfect combination for the time. However, these cars were still carbureted, which gave them a power output of 180 horsepower. This is contrasted by the later models, which are heralded as the first fuel-injected vehicles with 275 horsepower for the sub-2000 lbs vehicles. This lightweight means that the entire body and chassis are made from magnesium, light, and perfect for these racing cars.

This made the Mercedes racer an intimidating force on the track as it allowed the 300 SL to pass its higher-powered opponents. Mercedes was winning races left and right with these cars, and nowadays, the 300 SL Gullwing is held to the high standard of one of the most excellent Mercedes race cars ever to hit the asphalt. Unlike most Mercades racing vehicles, the bodies of the cars were made to be aerodynamic. They were even tested in a hydrodynamic “wind tunnel,” which is essentially a wind tunnel filled with water and a resistance meter that helps the engineers to whittle down a wooden model to a better flowing design. For all of those reasons, these vehicles were ahead of their time in performance and design. would like to thank American Collectors Insurance for their continued support of the collector car hobby. As the highest customer-rated classic car insurance company in the industry, American Collectors Insurance provides innovative insurance products tailored to the unique needs of fellow Collectors.

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