UK car production drop to lowest since 1956

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Car production in the UK saw its worst year since 1956 in 2021, with only 859,575 built. Photo:Phil Noble/Reuters

Car production in the UK last year plummeted to its lowest level since 1956, with parts shortage, staff absences and factory closures all battering the automotive industry.

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed output dropped by 6.7% to 859,575 cars made in the UK in 2021 – over 61,000 less than 2020 and a fall of 34% compared to 2019, when over 1.3m cars rolled off the production lines.

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The ongoing global shortage of semiconductor chips – between 1,500 and 3,000 of which are used in the manufacturing of a typical modern car – was the main problem, causing factories to reduce or even pause production.

“2021 was another incredibly difficult year for

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Custom First Gen Corvette Restomod Will Make Jaws Drop At Auction

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This car is the perfect vehicle for any classic Corvette enthusiast with a passion for speed and style.

Custom Corvettes are some of the most excellent cars on the enthusiast automotive market because of their incredible versatility and style that combines the best of 1960s design with modern tech and driving innovations. While we see a ton of C2s and C3 variations of these cars, it is pretty tricky to find first-generation Corvettes that have been changed from the original state at all. Purists are particularly protective of these cars as they represent the early stages of the Corvette name that has grown to nearly unbelievable proportions. So many enthusiasts are faced with the difficult decision of finding a scrapped shell, restoring it, and restomodding it or chopping up an already good condition car and risk damaging the vehicle permanently. That was until

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Used Car Values Poised For Big Drop

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Negative equity looms for those with used car loans, there is a leadership shake-up at Ferrari, and Nikola. All that and more in The Morning Shift for December 21, 2021.

1st Gear: Used Cars

Used car prices have spiked for months because of low new car inventories, itself because of the chip shortage that has gripped the industry. This is not news, though the accounting firm KPMG said in a new report that prices have gotten so far out of whack that negative equity is now an issue, and likely will be in the future, too. Basically, if you took out a loan to buy a used car in the past year or so, you might owe more than your car is worth.

From Automotive News:

The used-car market has historically been closely correlated with the new-car market, KPMG global head

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The Coolest Muscle Cars To Ever Drop In At AutotopiaLA

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Some of the most iconic muscle cars have dropped in to the visit the YouTuber.

AutotopiaLA is a wildly successful automotive youtube channel dedicated to showing off some of the world’s coolest muscle cars. This is primarily because the approach that Sean and his team have is very comical and frequently reflects the emotions and thoughts of the audience. Everything from Mopar monsters to heavy Chevy customs can be found in their extensive resume of vehicle interviews. Some of these vehicles are simple restorations with minor changes to the original stock form. However, most cars that roll through the Autotopia LA shop are insane Frankenstein vehicles whose primary focus is power and performance with a dash of style.

Check out one really cool Mustang here.

This iconic muscle car embodies that emphasis on driving fun after having made a name for itself

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