Day: January 10, 2022

1969 Dodge Daytona Boasts Original Powerhouse And Low-Mileage

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This Daytona provides tons of fun and performance wrapped in one of America’s most desirable packages, the ‘69 Daytona.

The Dodge Daytona is possibly best known for its incredible feats on the NASCAR track in 1969, which ultimately got it kicked out via target rule changes. Without a doubt, these cars are some of the world’s most sought-after American muscle cars as they boast plenty of power, performance, and aerodynamic design qualities. While American muscle cars had always been at the forefront of straight-line speed, this was the first time that the American racing circuit had seen a purpose-built racing vehicle with some real innovation in the realm of aerodynamic exterior styling. Unfortunately, the cars have become nearly impossible to find due to their initially low production numbers and their owners’ proclivity toward hard driving. So what are you supposed to do as

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Car companies plan for electric vehicles by 2040, but infrastructure demands pose major stumbling block

Several car companies have promised to go electric over the next two decades, but stumbling blocks on both the consumer and production sides call into question the reality of those ambitions. 

The push to adopt electric vehicles (EV) heralds a golden compromise in which Americans continue to drive cars and the environment catches a break thanks to clean energy. The auto industry continues to see companies declare their intention to switch over to producing EVs, with some going so far as to say they plan to only produce electric vehicles in the near future. 

The transition to EVs requires several significant components: mining of necessary battery materials, charging station availability, and power grid strength. 


Electra Battery Materials CEO Trent Mell told FOX

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This Iconic Volkswagen Is Getting An Electric Facelift In March

Volkswagen is revealing its 2024 ID.Buzz, an electric reboot of its iconic vans, in March with a sleek facelift that stays true to the original.

Volkswagen has finally announced a reveal date for their upcoming 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz, an electric version of the iconic minibus line. The longtime automotive manufacturer is using its strong and recognizable branding to enter the competitive electric market. The surprise confirmation comes nearly five years after Volkswagen announced it would be producing retail units of its concept electric vehicle (EV). The van’s design takes cues from the original Type 2 Microbus it resembles but provides a sleek facelift to match similar EVs in its class.

The longtime automotive manufacturer is entering a competitive market, with top brands from Ford to Sony vying for market share. However, by invoking nostalgia from the recognizable design of the original Microbus, the company might just brew the perfect

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