Day: January 2, 2022

This 1/5 Scale RC Tank Goes 35 MPH Anywhere It Wants

The perfect affordable second car.

Let’s face it, owning a collection of exciting cars is very difficult for most people. Thankfully there are many ways to enjoy automotive enthusiasm. Take for example the Xtreme RC Brawler V2, which takes the radio controlled cars from your youth and turns them into miniature supercars. This impressive RC tank is capable of some staggering performance while costing far less than a second car which makes is a great way to enjoy your passion for cars in a reasonable way. Besides, the Brawler V2 is more capable than most cars anyway.

This 1/5 Scale RC Tank Goes 35 MPH Anywhere It Wants

This 1/5 Scale RC Tank Goes 35 MPH Anywhere It Wants

The Brawler V2 is created by Xtreme RC, a United Kingdom based RC car manufacturer the creates top performing RC vehicles. On a new Kickstarter project, you can fund the creation of the Brawler V2 and have the opportunity

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