Day: September 19, 2021

Best RC cars for 2021

We here at Roadshow love cars, which I hope would be obvious by now, but for most of us, our love of cars predates our ability to actually drive them. So how did we get our automotive kicks as kids? For many of us, it was radio-controlled cars and for some of us, that love never went away.

There’s an almost infinite variety of remote control cars available now. You can get hardcore on-road remote control car racers in both battery-electric and nitro fuel (aka gas-powered), two-wheel drive stadium trucks and buggies, monster trucks, drift cars and even rock crawlers with locking differentials and portal axles. For the more aesthetically inclined and fanciful, there are the wild creations from firms such as Tamiya, and that’s before we even talk about the vehicle’s size and scale.

Getting into remote control cars can be intimidating, but we’re here to help, so strap

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