Day: September 7, 2021

Lamborghini Countach left disassembled for 13 years worth $250,000

The ultimate kit-car, a “crowd-stopping” Lamborghini that has sat disassembled in storage for 13 years is set to fetch up to £180,000 (~$250,000) at auction.

The 1982 Lamborghini Countach was disassembled in 2008 in preparation for a restoration project that never commenced.

The 1982 Lamborghini Countach was disassembled in 2008 in preparation for a restoration project that never commenced.
(SWNS/Historics Auctioneers)

The right-hand-drive 1982 Countach LP5000S, the “poster car of the decade”, will be sold to someone happy to put in the time or money to restore it to its former glory.

The car is expected to be worth at least £370,000 (~$500,000) once it has been put back together.

Highly coveted among car fan groups online already, this is one of 37 right-hand-drive models that were made by “design genius” Marcello Gandini.

Lamborghini has recently released details of its born again Countach, on sale for $2.6 million, to pay tribute to 50 years of the car.

(SWNS/Historics Auctioneers)

The vendor purchased the car

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Political Advocacy

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Here’s why GM’s electric vehicle push is a big risk

General Motors‘ aspiration to stop selling fuel-burning cars by 2035 could put a big dent in its overall market share if it doesn’t considerably boost sales, some auto industry analysts think.

While electric cars are in vogue, and companies like Tesla command share prices that could make a legacy automaker envious, automotive insiders continue to voice concerns over how ready the world is to fully shift to electric vehicles. Firms that survey car buyers frequently say many still worry about vehicle range and charging times, for example.

GM, the largest U.S. automaker, said its plan to eliminate tailpipe emissions by 2035 is a goal and not a guarantee. Nevertheless, it is making a big push into pure electric vehicles, as more than 30 new models are expected by 2025.

GM’s plan does not include hybrids, which blend internal combustion engines with electric power, and which many see as

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BMW’s i Vision Circular Is a Sustainable, Recycled EV

The automotive industry is one of the most planet-harming manufacturing sectors, even if the focus on electric cars is bigger than ever, but BMW is looking to change this with its just-revealed concept, the i Vision Circular.

Positioned as a car for 2040, the i Vision Circular combines sustainability with the marque’s premium and luxurious touch for something that’s never been seen in the automotive world before. As the name suggests, the car has been designed using the principles of a circular economy, which in turn aims to make BMW the “world’s most sustainable manufacturer in the individual premium mobility space.”

Under the titles “RE:THINK,” “RE:DUCE,” “RE:USE,” and “RE:CYCLE,” BMW has created a car that is made entirely from either recycled materials or are 100% recyclable. This is achieved by using materials that have already fulfilled a product life cycle and by using bio-based raw materials, and to further the

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