What Automotive Fad Do You Wish Would Die?

A photo of an Argo self-driving car.

Are self-driving cars a fad you wish would just die?
Photo: Jeff Kowalsky / Contributor (Getty Images)

The automotive world is a fickle space. One day you might be the biggest fish in the tank, and the next you’re being served up as someone’s dinner. It’s safe to say that trends come and go in the car world almost as quickly as fresh fish at a sushi restaurant.

And it isn’t just superficial fads like the most popular car colors or body styles. Oh no — automotive trends can dictate everything from the type of powertrain used to the advertisements that promote new cars to the world.

All these aspects of the automotive world change almost as often as the seasons. But, of these ever changing automotive trends, which do you wish would just die already?

Sure, you might hate the popular color options on offer today (gray, gray, or gray) or the fact that basically every car is an SUV. But hopefully these are just phases car companies are going through.

Other fads you might take offense to could include every automakers’ insistence that we need to own a car that can drive itself. Then, there’s the prevalence of companies claiming to make cars that can fly. Is that something drivers really want to see in the near future?

There are also some slightly less Blade Runner-esque automotive fads sweeping across the car world. You might hate the pale blue detailing that all electric car concepts seem to have. Or perhaps, you correctly believe that the current crop of matte-finished Formula 1 cars all look like trash.

And those are just the things that grind my gears. What passing fads that you see out in the automotive world do you hope aren’t here to stay?

Let us know the automotive fads that you wish would die in the comments section below. We’ll round up some of the worst offenders later on today.