Barrett-Jackson Celebrates 50 Years of Auctions and Community in 2022

Photo credit: Barrett-Jackson

Photo credit: Barrett-Jackson

As we enter year three of a brutal pandemic, many in-person events still haven’t returned. Auto auctions are no exception, but 2022 promises to be a good year for well-heeled collectors and enthusiasts alike. Barrett-Jackson, one of the most recognizable names in the automotive world, is counting on strong demand from a car buying public tired of being couped up inside to power its 50th anniversary auction, taking place this week in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The event runs from last Saturday, January 22, through Sunday January 30. The anniversary festivities will include special video memories and other throwback segments throughout the event. Additionally, automakers and other sponsors will be on hand with vehicle experiences, product demonstrations, thrill rides, and live music. Celebrities will be on hand to auction vehicles for charity and some events will feature well-known automotive personalities such as Wayne Carini and Ken Lingenfelter.


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75 Years’ Celebrates the Marque’s Historic Milestone

ferrari 75 years

Dennis Adler & Ferrari s.p.a.

Though Enzo Ferrari was building winning race cars for Alfa Romeo for years before, it wasn’t until after WWII, in 1947, that he founded his eponymous car company and constructed the first Ferrari-branded automobile. Thus, 2022 marks the 75th anniversary since that historic date, Ferrari’s diamond jubilee. To celebrate, prolific automotive writer, editor, and photographer Dennis Adler has updated his classic Ferrari: The Road from Maranello (2006) to commemorate this illustrious past and encompass the glories of the brand’s latest renaissance. The new book is called Ferrari: 75 Years and was just released.

The amended version includes nearly everything from the original iteration, plus much news from the recent past: the expansion of the model lineup, the introduction of plug-in-hybrid technologies, the incorporation of engines with fewer than eight cylinders, and the inclusion of the retro-inspired but mechanically modern Icona series at the top of

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CES 2022 was the best auto show in years

This story is part of CES, where CNET covers the latest news on the most incredible tech coming soon.

CES has always been on the fringes of auto-show culture, but over the past few years, automakers have steadily given more and more priority to Las Vegas in January. Despite a number of setbacks in 2022, including media and vendor pullouts over COVID-19 concerns, the show continued on, and the result could qualify as the best auto show in years.

It’s easy to see why CES matters more to automakers — and you, dear car-buying reader — every year. The line between automotive and consumer tech gets blurrier every day, whether it’s tech companies outside of automotive dipping their toes into cars or automakers content to find the most unique applications for their future vehicles. What you see here isn’t just science fiction; many of the innovations outlined below

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Electric vehicles are the biggest automotive trend in ‘100 years or so,’ analyst explains [Video]

The next decade could be one of accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

“It’s an exciting time ahead of us with regards to new technology in the automotive industry,” Martyn Briggs, an analyst at Bank of America, said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “You’ve got to go back a hundred years or so before we had such a transition, ironically then from electric to combustion cars, and now obviously we’re going to be doing the reverse.”

In August, President Biden announced a target for EVs to represent half of all U.S. auto sales by 2030. To give the scale of the effort, the share of new electric vehicles sales, which also include plug-in hybrids, reached 2% in 2020.

“50% in the U.S. might sound bullish from where we are today, but if you look at that kind of momentum of the models that are coming out, how good they

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