What Happens to Car Collecting In an EV-Driven World?

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The eclectic Robert Lederer collection in Chicago spans the entire motoring age and exemplifies the need for specialized caretaking skills.

Jeremy Cliff

Think about the big-name car collections. The Collezione Umberto Panini in Modena, Italy. The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida. The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Now consider the real heart and soul of connoisseurship—the smaller collectors, like Hank Davis, owner of Hank’s Garage in Bucyrus, Ohio, with his 14 Edsels, or Robert Lederer, owner of Chicago Parts & Sound, whose cars you see pictured here.

Now imagine all that machinery left to rot. From the talk we heard at Monterey Car Week in August, it seems the car-collector world is facing a crisis. Future generations won’t care about vintage vehicles. The internal-combustion engine will be legislated off the road. The values of prized cars will plummet.

This story originally appeared in Volume 8 of Road & Track.

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There Is Only One TVR T440R Sports Car in the World, and It Is Now up for Sale

TVR may have hoped that the T440R sports car would change the future of automotive design, but the company went out of business before that could happen.

Despite this unfortunate bit of timing, the British marque managed to build one example of the beautiful, futuristic sports car before going under. And now the one-of-a-kind coupé could be yours, via UK rare car dealer Auto Lounge.

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The 2003 T440R was a homologated road car based on the British marque’s T400R race car which raced at Spa, Sebring and Le Mans in 2003, reports CarBuzz. The company built four cars in order to meet FIA homologation requirements. Three of those were Typhons, which were each fitted with a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter straight-six engine.

2003 TVR T440R - Credit: Auto Lounge

2003 TVR T440R – Credit: Auto Lounge

Auto Lounge

Unlike those road cars, the T440R was powered by an even brawnier 4.2-liter straight-six,

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CEO and Chairman Adrian Hallmark Wants Bentley Motors to Be the Most Sustainable Luxury Automotive Manufacturer In the World. He’s Well on His Way.

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Bentley Motors has always epitomized luxury. That’s an undeniable fact that’s been well-established by the company’s reputation over the last century.

“People still love the comfort and the elegance and the refinement. They don’t want a sports car or a pure sports sedan,” Bentley Motors Global CEO and Chairman Adrian Hallmark tells Entrepreneur about customers and admirers of the luxury motor vehicle company in an early morning conversation. “But they do like the idea of 207 miles per hour, 626 horsepower, four-wheel drive, and the craftsmanship that nobody else can beat. When you put all that together, and you drive it every day, these people feel like they’re on another planet.”

Hallmark has a rare level of approachability about him; he is warm yet cool and precise, extremely knowledgeable in an almost intimidating way, yet confident in that there is no need to rattle

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