Boris Johnson’s car history from ‘rubbish dump’ Toyota to Tesla Roadster

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson is a car enthusiast – he’s been an automotive journalist and he’s appeared on Top Gear twice. 

But you wouldn’t know that from the cars he’s been known to drive and own. 

Boris Johnson has owned a wide variety of cars


Boris Johnson has owned a wide variety of carsCredit: Jon Bond – The Sun

While he’s enjoyed access to all sorts of expensive vehicles, his own fleet has often been a lot more modest. 

Armoured government cars

The Prime Minister’s official car – or the Prime Ministerial Car – is actually a fleet of armour-plated Jaguar XJ ‘Sentinel’ saloons.

They’re designed to withstand explosives and gunfire, as are the Range Rover ‘Sentinel’ models that the Prime Minister also has access to, which are built to endure high-velocity rifle fire and massive explosions. 

Bullets from an AK47 wouldn't harm the occupants of this car


Bullets from an AK47 wouldn’t harm the occupants of this carCredit: Alamy

“Boris prefers the much roomier Range

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1931 Duesenberg Model J Roadster Speeds Onto Stage For An Auction

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This classic is like no other.

These days, as car enthusiasts, we see a lot of technological advancement compared to the classic cars of old as engines have become far more powerful, efficient, and reliable. This intense focus on always being better than the past, which American cars are well known for, can lead us to believe that now is the most incredible time for the automobile that has ever existed. However, a special few see a lot of similarities between the past and the time we live in now for our beloved vehicles. This car is for those kinds of people. Action is the name of the game for this delectable Duesenberg as it boasts a ridiculous engine.

Under the hood of this 1931 Duesenberg Model J Roadster is a gigantic 420 ci straight-eight engine that pushes out a respectable, even by

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Alamo owner’s 1948 Bentley roadster literally one of a kind

W. O. Bentley’s career as an automotive manufacturer was relatively short. He started early enough with his first company in 1912 at age 24. That company started selling new cars manufactured by other companies and then began manufacturing automotive parts. When World War I broke out, Bentley built “aero-engines” (aircraft engines) and thought about building his own cars.

After the war, W. O. Bentley and his brother, H. M., started Bentley Motors Limited. The value and quality of a car was often tested in various competitions, and the 3-liter Bentley won the Le Mans endurance race in 1924, 1927, 1928 and 1930, but the company had financial trouble, and there is just no substitute for cash. Investor Woolf Barnano had cash and saw potential in the Bentley. He saved the company, but a disappointed W. O. Bentley had then become just an employee of Barnano.

This was the during the

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TrueCar, Roadster Team To Help Car Shoppers

Digital automotive marketplace TrueCar has rolled out an experimental program with automotive digital sales platform Roadster, according to an announcement.

Shoppers utilizing TrueCar will now have the ability to finalize car purchasing deals on the web via an application programming interface (API) that links up with Roadster’s back-end system.

“The ability to finalize the terms of a car deal online is critical to creating a great retail experience,” TrueCar President and CEO Mike Darrow said in the announcement. “Through our pilot program with Roadster, TrueCar consumers at select dealerships now have the ability to build real car deals digitally, including finance terms.”

After a shopper has configured and tailored a deal on an auto through TrueCar, she has the choice to go to a participating dealer’s Roadster-powered “Express Store” to finalize the terms of the

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