1931 Duesenberg Model J Roadster Speeds Onto Stage For An Auction

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This classic is like no other.

These days, as car enthusiasts, we see a lot of technological advancement compared to the classic cars of old as engines have become far more powerful, efficient, and reliable. This intense focus on always being better than the past, which American cars are well known for, can lead us to believe that now is the most incredible time for the automobile that has ever existed. However, a special few see a lot of similarities between the past and the time we live in now for our beloved vehicles. This car is for those kinds of people. Action is the name of the game for this delectable Duesenberg as it boasts a ridiculous engine.

Under the hood of this 1931 Duesenberg Model J Roadster is a gigantic 420 ci straight-eight engine that pushes out a respectable, even by today’s standards, 265 horsepower and 380 ft/lbs of torque. The exterior of this car is a deep green, which gives a darker metallic tone to the vehicle’s color scheme. Another place in which the color green is prevalent is the engine bay which dorns a lighter green coating the block and some other small pieces of the engine. The rest of the motor is a shining chrome that is perfect for completing the color scheme.

While that power is more than enough to get the back tires moving, it is the roadster designation that makes this car genuinely remarkable. Imagine, if you will, racing down the road revving past 4,200 RPM, top-down, and the wind in your hair. That experience is something that many classic car enthusiasts search for profusely. However, vintage vehicles are not typically familiar from the higher performance side of the automotive community, which makes this automobile special.

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