Rat Damage In Parked Cars

Engineering colloquialisms.

Maybe it’s because of industry-wide mediocre documentation of customer requirements. Or maybe it’s because of a dearth of automotive systems engineering prowess. But there are phrases that act like quasi-requirements which bounce around the halls of manufacturers without a traceable link to a customer requirement and a mediocre understanding of the originally-desired need. For instance, nearly all automotive engineers use the term “firewall” — despite the desperate cries of corporate lawyers begging them to stop — but few understand the name derives from steam-powered vehicles where a solid-steel panel separated the driver from the boiler’s fire as a safety precaution. Or the term “dash” – which lawyers also despise since juries might misconstrue

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Relishing The Joys Of A Demolition Derby For Self-Driving Cars

It’s Spring time!

Makes one hark back to visiting local county fairs and doing all the usual things that one does at such events, including eating scrumptious cotton candy, going on the dizzying whirly rides, and of course watching the annual car-smashing demolition derbies.

Demolition derbies were first popularized in the 1960s and 1970s and became what some people consider still today to be a fully bona fide sport, namely a vaunted motorsport, consisting of drivers competing to see which of them can last the longest in an automotive war of attrition. Typically involving at least a half dozen cars, the drivers overtly attempt to ram into the other cars, hoping to stop the other cars from continuing to participate. The last remaining vehicle able to drive on

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Insane Collection Of Unique Cars On Hot Rod Hoarders

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Denny George has been collecting cars for a long time!

Hoarders are a funny bunch, they spend their whole lives collecting items that most people wouldn’t dream of ever wanting. It’s easy to sit down and laugh at the hoarders we see on reality TV shows such as Hoarders. However, what if it happened to us? Well, that is the subject of our next story as we delve into the realm of old forgotten dirt boxes as well as pristine drag cars.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having this many cars, especially when your entire life revolves around the automotive experience. However, it should be fun to see the relics of a time when cars were designed to bring emotion and personality to the table rather than cold black tech.

First up we have a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air with

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Here’s how your car’s 360-degree cameras give you that bird’s eye view

a screen shot of a microwave

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360-degree cameras have changed the way we drive, manoeuvre and park our cars. But, while many South Africans have come to rely on this piece of tech, there is little understanding surrounding how they actually work. We took long, hard look at the equipment to give you a better view of how it all works.

360-degree cameras: How do they work?

Essentially this piece of tech combines the efforts of cameras that are mounted all over your car.  There are normally four cameras – displaying a rear, front, left and right camera view – and they boast very wide-angle lenses. This is because the idea is to show the motorist as much information about what is happening around the car as possible.

Back camera

One of the cars boasting this piece of tech, is the

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