2,500 cars driven, from a single Stryker to 162 Fords

Over the past 44 years, I’ve driven and reviewed 2,500 cars and trucks from 70 brands.

Ford has provided the highest number, 162, followed by Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and BMW.

Following are all the brands and number of each I’ve driven:
Ford 162, Chevrolet 145, Toyota 126, Nissan 124, Volkswagen 104, BMW 103, Dodge 101, Mercedes-Benz 99, Subaru 92, Mazda 87, Audi 85, Jeep 73, Volvo 71, Infiniti 69, Chrysler 65, Honda 65, Lexus 61, Cadillac 57, Kia 56, Hyundai 53, Land Rover/Range Rover 49, GMC 47, Jaguar 47, Mitsubishi 47, Acura 44, Pontiac 44, Buick 40, Suzuki 36, Lincoln 33, Mercury 31, Ram 28, Saab 28, Oldsmobile 24, Saturn 21, Mini 19, Fiat 17, Porsche 17, Isuzu 16, Plymouth 15, AMC 10, Hummer 9, Alfa Romeo 7,Geo 7, Scion 7, Datsun 6, Bentley 5, Lancia 4, Triumph 4, Aston Martin 3, Eagle 3, Genesis 3, MGB 3, Rolls-Royce 3, Daewoo 2, Ferrari 2, Imperial 2, Lamborghini 2, Lectric Leopard 2, Maserati 2, McLaren 2, Sprinter 2, Electrek 1, Excalibur 1, Fisker 1, Lotus 1, Marathon 1, Maybach 1, Peugeot 1, Renault 1, Stryker 1.

From the readers:

Mr. Wells, As a lifelong native of Wray, I need to send you a grateful Thank You for your weekly automotive articles in the Denver Post. I am not an automotive expert, many of your details each week about car performances easily fly over my head. My enjoyment reading your articles is selfish, the inclusion of Wray is the driving force. From a couple of comments involving working with Javan Jones (Schmidt-Jones Funeral Home), childhood fishing on the Republican River, and a pit stop at the Pepper Pod in Hudson with Coach Bob Smith, I continue to anticipate the Saturday paper to read about your latest review. I really enjoy when you share your private family inclusions as you travel, test driving whatever comes your way in the present week. – Tim W.
Thanks, Tim, I cherish my boyhood from Wray.

Bud, Merry Christmas, I enjoy your fine articles, including your clever touch of history. With some 20 years prior to ‘77, that makes you among the longest active reporters. It was nice of you to recognize Bill Hornby, a friend, and wonderful gentleman. Congratulations and have a great New Year. Roger K.
Bill Hornby hired me at The Post, Roger, way back in 1968.

Bud, Wanted you to know I have been reading and enjoying your articles for as long as I can remember. Having grown up in Denver it’s great to still be reading your work and I really enjoy them. Thanks. – Craig D.
Thanks for your support, Craig.

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