Monterey Car Week auctions predicted to break $320 million in sales

Monterey Car Week has returned with a bang.

The annual California gathering was canceled last year due to coronavirus restrictions, but is in full swing for 2021 with a slate of a half-dozen auctions that kicked off with a $34.4 million haul at RM Sotheby’s on Thursday night.

Hagerty estimates that the auctions will pull in over $320 million at an average of over $400,000 per sale, which would for surpass the $255 million total from 2019.

“This year’s Monterey Car Week auctions include excitement around the traditional sectors of the collector car market, like prewar cars and 1950’s Ferraris. However, newer cars may well prove to be the top sellers in 2021,” Hagerty vice president of automotive intelligence Brian Rabold said.

Among the cars sold at RM Sotheby’s was a 1962 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato, that went for $9,520,000, which Hagerty says

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4Real Bill Automotive helps people get where they need to go with oil changes, break jobs and more | News

4Real Bill Automotive

RONAN — Small business ownership is not for the faint of heart, and for many it is a path that beacons with the hope of autonomy, financial security and a better life. Marlene Rorvik, the owner of 4Real Bill Automotive, was driven to start a business so that she could provide more opportunities for her and her son William. She also hopes that 4Real Bill Automotive can someday be used as a catalyst for local jobs in the trades.

Located in Ronan, 4Real Bill Automotive specializes in oil changes, brake jobs and engine repairs. William is the mechanic behind the operation, providing reliable diagnoses of car problems and expert repairs. 

The Rorviks started the busines two years ago, and in 2020 it was a recipient of a small business grant provided through the CSKT Economic Development Office for Tribal member-owned businesses. While 2020 was a hard year for all business

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Don’t Let Car Repairs Break the Bank — Here’s How To Cut Costs

No one ever looks forward to getting their car repaired, but given enough time, it’s an inevitable certainty. You can’t avoid repairs, but you can take some steps to reduce the amount they set you back. When you feel a knock, hear a squeal or notice a rattle, do the following before you drop your car off at the shop — and prevent the most expensive repairs in the first place with a few proactive tips.

Last updated: March 11, 2020

Know Your Car

One of the best ways to save money on repairs is to do something you should do anyway no matter what you drive: Learn a little about your vehicle. Check out the manufacturer specs online and get to know your manual to prevent costly repairs and unnecessary wear and tear in the first place. That includes things like ground clearance, which tells you how much

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