SEMA 2022 Freaks of Nature Pre Party

SEMA 2022 Freaks of Nature Pre Party was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 31st at 6PM at the Hogs and Heifers Saloon! It has been a tradition for us for the past 13 years to sponsor and attend the pre party before the work starts with SEMA 2022, we have yet to miss a party since!

Beautiful woman on mini truck
Always having fun and being crazy at the SEMA Kick Off Party!

The SEMA 2022 Freaks of Nature Pre Party is more than just a good time, it brings in rides from the event that you may not get a chance to see, pinstriping, awards, and more.  It means a lot to have this massive get together right before the show to catch up with everyone we don’t get to see but once a year!

The Mini Truckin Hall of Fame came out to the show and announced those who would be inducted into the hall of fame.  It’s an amazing time to see those recognized for their hard work and dedication to the car show scene! Those presented with an award that they absolutely deserve and everyone there is always excited for this part.  This year, the inductees were: Jody Hall, Scrapin the Coast, Ernie Macias, Rough Cut, Thorbecke, K Daddy, Jake Moore, and Travis Noack.  Congratulations to everyone!

Gauge Magazine Choice Award at SEMA Kick off party
Gauge Magazine Choice award goes to Sal Napoli and his Flame Painted 1949 Mercury Convertible

We also give out an amazing award, Gauge Magazine’s Pick of the Party.  Chromey, one of our photographers, gave this award out to the vehicle that he felt stole the show.  This year, that award went to Sal Napoli and his Flame Painted 1949 Mercury Convertible. Congratulations Sal!

We have always enjoyed SEMA 2022 Freaks of Nature Pre Party, and we are ready for the what 2023 will have to offer!

Photos by:  Chromey and Cheri

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