Rams QB Matthew Stafford Was NFL’s Best In This Specific Area


Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is coming off of a season in which he led his franchise to its first Super Bowl in two decades. 

It was also the first Super Bowl win of his career, and one of the best statistical years of his 13 seasons, throwing for nearly 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns, with 17 interceptions.

So what made Stafford so successful? 

After some digging by USA Today’s Touchdown Wire, Stafford was the NFL’s Best in two key categories. 

First up, three-step drops.

Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, and Joe Burrow all had higher passer ratings than Stafford did with three-stop drops, but none of those quarterbacks were able to match Stafford’s impressive touchdown-to-interception ratio. Stafford as always had his reckless moments, but the three-step game seemed to bring out the best in him. Perhaps it’s that the longer Stafford has to drop back, the more time he has to get “creative,” both to his benefit and to his detriment.


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