Pre-War Ford Barn Finds Will Make You Think

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Barn finds, the real true barn finds which aren’t some highly-staged event designed to sell a classic car for top dollar at auction, are almost like finding a buried time capsule. Actually, they’re better than a time capsule, which might include some interesting items but nothing you can actually drive. Plus, they can teach you plenty about history none of your teachers thought should be included.

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That’s exactly what the barn full of cars in the included video provides. We get to see these classic American cars in mostly original condition, albeit pretty dusty. Plus, we see the interesting phenomena of people storing vehicles in haphazard ways, something we probably wouldn’t do, but it is pretty common. In other words, this is a relevant aspect of automotive history, of how people valued and treated cars they didn’t want to give up.

image credit: YouTube

image credit: YouTube

Stuffed in this dusty, cluttered garage is a pretty impressive collection of pre-war Fords and a few other classics. Each has a history the owner expounds upon, which is cool to hear. Among them is a Model T, a car so ubiquitous that many sadly just blow them off. There’s also a Bucket T hot rod, which is yet another automotive icon in its own rite.

Another highlight is a 1940 Ford Coupe, which features a captivating style which has graced all kinds of art from movies to paintings. Also impressive is the 1935 Ford 3-window coupe, of which many have been modified to create all kinds of hot rods.

The owner of this barn didn’t want this name disclosed, so they call him “Jim” in the video. He also didn’t want them giving any hints about the location of the barn, so the guys from IowaClassicCars don’t show anything outside the barn. It’s likely somewhere in the Midwest.

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