Car booting in downtown Pensacola may be regulated with new ordinance


Private downtown Pensacola parking lot owners may soon have to comply with new city regulations on how they enforce their parking rules when it comes to “booting” cars, including a cap on the fee to remove a boot.

Pensacola City Councilman Casey Jones is proposing a new booting ordinance that would set rules for parking lot owners to be able to place an immobilization device on cars commonly known as a boot.

Currently, the city has no rules in place for private lot owners when it comes to booting cars.

Jones said he put forward the proposal in response to complaints from residents who had their cars booted.

“I received just a lot of complaints of people that have been at an event, say at the Saenger Theatre, and come out 10 minutes after their parking time (expired) and their car is booted,” Jones said. “Then they’re waiting an hour and a half for someone to come and remove the boot with a $125 charge, and they weren’t aware their car could get booted.”


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