Apple to develop its EV independently, axing plans for collaboration

Apple’s heavily rumored electric car will be developed independently, according to sources in Korea. Apple was in talks with several large automakers as the project became more real this year, but it seems the tech giant is more interested in developing its first EV on its own.

New reports from Korea’s Maeil Economic Daily indicate that Apple is establishing its own “automobile research institute” and has been pushing for the development of its vehicle on its own. Previously, Apple had been in talks with large carmakers like Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan, all companies with a long line of automotive expertise that would assist Apple in manufacturing, research, and development. Apple favored a partnership previously, but now things seem to be delayed due to production bottlenecks across the board, which has Apple in a difficult situation.

As a result, Apple wants to get the project rolling, and it seems the quickest way to get started is to develop the vehicle and all of its technologies in-house.

A source that spoke to Maeil stated that Apple sent a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to global auto parts suppliers while simultaneously restoring a lab built for vehicle development. The RFQ stated that the supplier would be selected soon.

As the automotive market continues to shift toward electrified models and gas-powered cars are becoming less prevalent, companies are focused on developing and building their own EVs so they can continue to offer customers suitable transportation options. Apple seems to have concluded that it will have to build the vehicle in-house because discussions with automakers for a collaboration on the EV’s development have been put on hold continuously. This has likely led to Apple being ghosted or having meetings delayed, as car companies are busy strategizing for how they will navigate the monumental shift in the car market.

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Apple has been attempting to develop its own car since 2014 but decided just two years later to collaborate with an already established automotive company that could provide expertise and production lines.

It was a bright and logical strategy. Building phones and computers are already Apple’s expertise, so building a car would likely take years to develop alone. A collaboration would have paid off in the short term, but Apple will likely see more upside to developing the vehicle on its own.

The report states the Apple Car will be available between 2025 and 2027.

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Apple to develop its EV independently, axing plans for collaboration