Day: May 19, 2022

Ruxton | Cartype

With a estimated total production of some 500 vehicles the Ruxton today is a very rare car.

ruxton emblem ruxton 32 3

The Ruxton was a front-drive car which, like its rival, the Cord L-29,was built in limited numbers during roughly the same period. The Ruxton was the idea of Archie M. Andrews, a promoter and financier who was also a director of the Hupp Motor Corporation.

An experimental car embodying the front-drive principle was built late in 1928 and named after William V. C. Ruxton, one of Andrew’s acquaintances who showed an interest in the production of this type of car. A long, low prototype was built in the spring of 1929. This car was powered by a 4.4 litre Continental Straight Eight engine which produced a maximum of about 100 bhp at 3,400 rpm.

All Ruxton cars followed this initial pilot model both in engine and overall design.

Actual production began in June

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Holtville Car Club finishes season showing chrome | News

HOLTVILLE — Car enthusiasts examined the 145 vintage cars, lowriders, motorcycles, and pedal cars displayed on Pine and Holt avenues at Holt Park as music filled the air. 

“We are celebrating our seventh car show,” said George Padilla, vice president of the Holtville Car Club. “It could have been the ninth but there were no shows during the past two years of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Pop-up tents dotted the park. Car owners, families, and their friends brought ice chests and grilled for picnics. 

At the center gazebo of Holt Park, trophies and door prizes were displayed. This served as the Holtville Car Club’s stage. 

The blocked streets of Pine and Holt were transformed into a display of vintage cars from the 1920s to the newer models in the year 2022. Some owners displayed posters describing their cars plus modifications. Others had basic information on the windshield— car model, year, and

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Michael Jordan gets second NASCAR win and first with an Air Jordan car

Kurt Busch wins Kansas NASCAR race.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

  • Kurt Busch picked up his first win for Michael Jordan’s 23XI Racing in Kansas.

  • Busch was debuting the Jumpan car, with a paint scheme based on the Air Jordan III.

  • After a lot of bad luck this season, co-owner Denny Hamlin was nearly brought to tears with the win.

Michael Jordan and the Jumpman logo are winners again, thanks to former NASCAR champion Kurt Busch.

Busch dominated the AdventHealth 400 race in Kansas, leading 82 laps after leading just nine laps in the first 12 races of the season. Busch passed Kyle Larson with eight to go after the defending champ, who struggled with his car all day, slid up and hit the wall for the umpteenth time in the race.

It marked Jordan’s second win as the owner of 23XI Racing and his first since Bubba Wallace’s rain-shortened win at

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These Brands Won’t Make it in the US (as EVs)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2019, you’ve probably realized that just about every major carmaker has plans to go “fully electric” at some point in the rapidly approaching future. That’s going to mean big changes in the way we buy and use cars, obviously— but change is hard, and not every company is going to be willing or able to make those changes.

That equally obvious fact begs the question: who’s not gonna make it?

In my other life as a podcaster and EV enthusiast, I have very different conversations with people than I do in this life as a “car guy” who wants to talk about drag racing and dirt ovals. During one of those conversations with a guy named Phil Gross, we talked about the approximately 15 million new cars sold in the US each year.

I already knew that 15 million number, so I

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