Day: December 4, 2021

Bentley And Mercedes-Benz Rocking The 1920-1930 Racing Scene

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These companies have been at war for over a century to gain the title of the worlds fastest automotive manufacturer.

Automotive racing is one of the world’s favorite sports due to its fast-paced nature, high stakes, and awesome cars. Many car enthusiasts gather every year to watch races such as the Indianapolis 500, Le Mans, and other iconic races as the cars and their drivers battle in a brutal fight for the first place position. Despite the intense following that this sport has gained throughout its time as an international pass time, most fans probably don’t know the incredible history behind some of the world’s favorite races. European cars, in particular, were quite influential in the creation of automotive racing as these were some of the first sports cars.

You think this is cool, watch a Model T off-roading here.

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California Car Dealer Sues BMW And Mercedes Over Lease Buyout Restrictions

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Photo: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik

If you were leasing a car, there was a time when you could trade that leased car to any dealership instead of giving it back to the brand you got it from. Due to the used car shortage, several automakers are no longer allowing these third-party lease buyouts, and a California luxury car dealer has filed a lawsuit against Mercedes and BMW due to these new restrictions.

Back in July, I wrote about how automakers are changing how they handle what is called a “third-party lease buyout.” These new policies severely limit a lessee’s ability to use the current market conditions for used cars.

Before the market went bonkers and inventory became scarce, if you were leasing a car you had three options at the conclusion of the lease. First, you could give it back to a dealer of the same brand. Second, you could

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United Kingdom Automotive Market 2021 to 2028: Outlook for Passenger Cars, Commerical Vehicles and EVs

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “United Kingdom Automotive Market Outlook, 2021 – Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Ev Market Size, Share, Companies and Developments” report has been added to’s offering.

The United Kingdom Automotive Market Outlook report presents forecasts of different vehicles including Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, EV along with market Size, Share, Companies and Developments.

The global automotive industry is showing signs of recovery in H1-2021, after a weak backdrop during the last year. Continued momentum for electric vehicles is observed during the year and is likely to continue through 2022.

Strong consumer demand coupled with purchasing power parity is encouraging the underlying demand trends for vehicles in the United Kingdom, with the market recovery to pre-pandemic levels. On the other hand, challenges related to supply chain disruptions, shortage of materials, in particular, semiconductor shortages, consumer demand fluctuation in major segments and others pose risks.

Leading industry trends including rapidly

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