Pamplin Media Group – ‘She-canics’ Women in the automotive repair industry

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From Grease Monkey to Grease Mama, women are no longer sidelined in the automotive repair industry. They are making their mark in a once male-dominated industry and while still relatively uncommon, currently, there are more women mechanics than ever before.

Why? For a few reasons. The trend has been increasing as the evolution of modern cars change. Women are more interested in cars, the utility of cars, speed and style. Women make up 25% of the tech field and nearly 10% of the automotive repair industry and these numbers are expected to grow. Comparatively, in 1999, women were just 1% of the automotive repair workforce.

Today, dads are taking an active interest in sharing their car interests with their daughters and it’s paying off. Women are less likely to rely on men change a flat tire, jump start the battery or even replace a battery when they learned how by their dads, in shop class or even on the internet.

Women like Grace Lieblein have been breaking the “glass windshield” in the automotive industry for years. Grace started working in a car assembly factory at 18 and 34 years later, she was appointed to Vice President of Global Purchasing at General Motors. Danica Patrick made strides as a professional race car driver and numerous women have contributed to the industry indirectly like Mary Anderson who invented the windshield wiper and Florence Lawrence who invented the turn signal.

Now if we could only get drivers to use that blinker! At Lance’s Superior Auto, we are proud of the accomplishments of women in the automotive repair industry and look forward to what they will continue to bring to the field.

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