2020 Ford GT Is An Unexpected Trans Am Master, And it Could Be Yours

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This incredible supercar is the pride of the original American automotive manufacture and now you have the opportunity to own one.

The latest generation Ford GT has mainly been overlooked over the last few years because of the V6 EcoBoost engine, which made Ford fans incredibly skeptical of the car’s performance. Nowadays, the GT has proven itself thousand times over, showing the world that the EcoBoost powertrain could provide the perfect powerband for any high-speed-loving car enthusiast. Everyone wants one of these cars now, but there are only so many of them to go around, making them incredibly pricey and challenging to find. That means that when you see one of these cars for sale or up for auction, you need to take quick action before it’s too late. This is the perfect example of that sort of life-changing opportunity that could have you sitting behind the wheel of one of Ford’s most powerful cars!

Everything from the bright yellow paint job to the sleek carbon wheels makes this car stand out in a crowd. Even when planted next to Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and Ferraris, the car boasts a unique style that no other manufacturer could hope to beat. That’s precisely why the car is such an icon today because people have been craving a new style for decades, and finally, we got what we asked for. Of course, the car doesn’t disappoint on the exterior or the interior as it is perfectly coated in a smooth black leather called “Dark Energy.” That color, which sounds like something straight out of Star Wars, will leave you feeling like an astronaut as you zip through road tracks and drag strips alike.

Powering this beastly vehicle is a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that uses the full force of a twin-turbocharger system to produce 650 horsepower and 550 ft/lbs of torque. In addition, that powerhouse has started a new kind of performance utilizing lower displacement six-cylinder engines to make significant power figures. One of the biggest upsides to this motor is the high revving 7000 rpm limit, making driving incredibly fun and raw. This car is all about delivering jaw-dropping performance from an engine that absolutely no one expected.

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