2007 SALEEN S7-LM: The Great American Supercar

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Typically built in Italy, Britain, or Germany, when it comes to supercar America is usually overlooked. However, one of the most successful supercars on the race track actually comes from the USA.

Developed by legendary race car driver Steve Saleen, Saleen Automotive got its start producing modified Mustangs in 1984. Utilizing race-proven parts on street cars was not a new idea but it was an idea that was undeniably made better by Saleen. After accomplishing nearly all of his goals for the Mustang, Steve began focusing on another lifelong goal of his in 1997. Code named “Project Molly,” the S7 would go on to become the first American car to be built with super car status.

Unveiled in 2000, the first S7 featured a 550-horsepower 427-cid V8 and a sleek carbon fiber body. By 2005, the car was fitted with a twin-turbo setup that pushed the 7.0-liter’s power output to 750-horsepower. Covering a 0-60-mph sprint in just 2.7-seconds, the new engine setup afforded the 2,950-lbs car a top-speed of over 240-mph. All of these advancements culminated into the creation of a track-borne version, the S7R. Celebrating the S7Rs many racing successes, including its class win at LaMans in 2010, Saleen announced a limited edition recommission of seven S7 models to be labeled S7-LMs.

Being offered at Bonhams is one of the seven S7-LMs that actually got built. The twin-turbo 7.0-liter engine was upgraded at the factory for an output of over 1,000-horsepower. Although it may look like a race car and perform like a race car, it is not just a race car. Equipped with many modern day comfort and convenience features, such as a black leather and alcantara upholstery, power everything, air conditioning, a rear view camera, and a Bluetooth/GPS stereo, makes this car just as street-worthy as it is track-worthy. To register to bid for this one-of-a-kind sale, please click here.

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