Why Is Driving Posture Important and How Do You Correct It?

Driving posture: This is how you should sit while driving | Torque

Self-driving a car could be one of the most convenient ways to do your everyday commuting. You will have total control on when and how to do the traveling and if you are one among those who travel for couple of hours to work on a day-today basis, you may take breaks as and when required if you self-drive your car. 

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The most important challenge in self-driving 

Though self-driving is one of the most comfortable travel options, I am sure you might have come across some people who are already doing self-driving travel might complaint that they get very and tired. Have you even wondered why? Experts say that it is mainly because of their driving posture. 

This having said, here are the few most common reasons that alter your driving position: 

  • Some cars might not have enough legroom for your height and your build. Therefore, you must choose your car wisely.
  • The seats of some cars and some material of your car seat covers are not suitable for you. 
  • The curvature and the contouring of the seats do not naturally fit your lower back curve and it might produce mild discomfort, in some cases. 
  • Some car sets do not have enough adjustment options to change it to suit you the best. 

Some tips and tricks to fix the posture issues that you can try out 

Here are some simple and easy ways to correct your posture and thereby alleviate all the posture-related problems and driving fatigue: 

  • You should avoid sitting too close to the steering. This usually happens when you are an anxious driver. 
  • Use head rests on your car seats. This will usually help you by giving the kind of resting place for your head and you could face the road better. 
  • Adjust the height of the seat in such a way that you don’t have bend forward or you do not have to worry about not being able to see the roads. 
  • Get some extra support for your back and your hip. This can be done using some extra custom cushion or by putting on some special kind of seat covers for the driver’s seat. 

Apart from all these things, you should also make sure that you take frequent breaks if you are going to be driving for a long duration on a daily basis.