When Body Repairs in a Used Car History Is a Good Sign


In the era of wild demand for cars, finding a good vehicle in the US secondary market is a tricky task. Oddly enough, used car history reports that Indy Auto Man dealership in Indianapolis offers for free may complicate the search. After all, most people prefer to buy a car with no damage behind the back. However, not all such records mean that the vehicle is in bad condition and should become a reason for refusing a used car. The main thing here is to understand where these records come from and what they mean.

How It Works

Car Accident How to Repair My Car

Accident stories and repairs come from either the traffic police databases or from insurance companies that calculated the cost of repairs. It is easier with the traffic police bases: there is simply a fixation and an insignificant inscription from the category of light damage or collision with a vehicle. What exactly they mean is difficult to understand. Running into a standing vehicle can mean a worn-out bumper, which one doesn’t always notice, or a total crush into a truck standing on the side of the road. But in some cases, there is a damage diagram that may show something more specific. Maybe there was a bumper touch, or damage on the entire side of the car influencing body geometry. Of course, it is better if the accident history is clean, and if not? Then it is time to look at the history of repairs.

And this is where insurers and car services enter the scene. There is more important information here, but it needs to be interpreted correctly. Calculating the cost and repairs are two different things. Car owners could drive around the city for a long time, choosing a service where repairs would be cheaper. They did the calculation, were not satisfied with the cost, and went to look for another service. Therefore, it is imperative to look at the calculation nuances – at the list of works, details, and the date. Perhaps there was only a minor scratch removed. Sometimes, it’s a clever solution to visit a prominent service center to get the real state of affairs. Reliable sellers are ready to drive their vehicles to the inspection.

What If There Is a Body Repair But Not a Single Accident in the Report?

Car Body Repair

New cars are often financed, and the purchase is insured. Many people want to somehow recompense the overpayment imposed when buying a car with extended insurance. Cars of such owners can be repainted almost everywhere just because of some scratches. So, if the bumper was repainted, but there is no accident in the report, the previous owner could do it solely for aesthetic reasons. However, this does not change the rule to check all the iron with a thickness gauge.

And another point here is the desire to replace windshields. They could be changed after the first chip, and more than once. Therefore, if the car with such insurance does not have the original windshield, this is also not scary. The days when the non-originality of the windshield was a sign of the serious collision have gone. If there are no other signs of a frontal accident (the rest of the iron and headlights are intact and original, the pillows did not shoot), then a non-native windshield is not a problem.

When Painting Is Not a Sentence

Car Painting

Many hatchbacks and SUVs suffer from a rusting tailgate. If there is information that it was repainted on a far-from new car, there is nothing wrong with that: it is better to eliminate corrosion in time than to wait for a rusty fringe or holes. The main thing is that the painting is cosmetic, and there is no putty under the paint. Of course, it should be of high quality and not on top of the rust. This item in the report is not a sentence but a reason to see the car with your own eyes. The best guarantee of quality is the reputation of the seller. The trustworthy used car dealerships, like Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, can always provide a free car history report and explain why it was painted. 

The same can be said about any minor body repair. It is almost impossible to find a car in a big city like Indianapolis that has been running in its original paint for ten years and has no wear, chips, or scratches. It is a real advantage if they were eliminated by the previous owner. Taking this information into account, you can significantly enlarge the choice of used cars and don’t skip the most beneficial options. 


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