[VIDEO] Win The War Against Bug Splatter with GTECHNIQ’s W8 Bug Remover Spray


[VIDEO] Win The War Against Bug Splatter with GTECHNIQ's W8 Bug Remover Spray

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Spring is here and the weather is great for cruising, but the warmer weather also brings out the bugs! Down here in the Southeastern US we have to deal with the infamous Love Bugs which can do real damage to your Corvette’s exterior paint if those tiny little carcasses are left splattered on your paint for too long. Thankfully, GTECHNIQ offers a safe and easy to use product for removing bugs with their W8 Bug Remover Spray.

Bug guts are very acidic by nature and even those bugs that are less harmful can still do real damage to painted exteriors if left on the car too long. The rule of thumb when it comes to cleaning bugs from your car is to do it within the first 24 hours as that’s when the acidic bug splatter is at its strongest and can do the most damage to your clear coat. And if you live in a warmer climate, the heat from the sun can even accelerate the damage that acidic bug splatter can do your Corvette’s clear coat.

There are a lot of wives tales and home remedies that some have used to remove bug splatter such as dryer sheet solutions and WD-40, but these remedies may cause other adverse reactions to your paint. Even dedicated bug remover products from the local auto parts store can be strong enough to damage the wax and sealants on your car.

GTECHNIQ Will Help You Win The War Against Bug Splatter with their W8 Bug Remover Spray

That’s where GTECHNIQ comes in.

GTECHNIQ was founded over 20 years ago by a quantum physicist named Drew Gill who was unhappy with the available automotive paint protection at the time. Applying his scientific training and research into creating a paint protection formula that works at the molecular level, the first GTECHNIQ product, C1 Crystal Lacquer, was released in 2004. Applying their scientific prowess to address the damage that bugs can do to paints and the best way to remove them, GTECHNIQ came up with a 100% biodegradable formula called W8 Bug Remover that’s easy to use and doesn’t contain caustic chemicals or other ingredients that will damage your Corvette’s clear coat.

In fact, you’ll remove bug splatter with ease when using the W8 Bug Remover. For best results, use in the shade or out of direct sunlight. Simply shake the bottle and then spray it onto the affected areas and allow it to dwell for three to five minutes. During that time you will literally see the bug guts begin to soften and fall off the paint. Afterward, rinse with a pressure washer or hose to further remove the bugs and repeat as necessary. Once those pesky bug guts are removed, you can then wash your entire car as you would without the bugs contaminating your sponge or wash mitt.

GTECHNIQ W8 Bug Remover

After those bugs are removed and the paint is once again free of contaminates, GTECHNIQ recommends using a spray sealant such as C2 Liquid Crystal as an added barrier of protection between bug splatter and your Corvette’s clear coat that lasts up to six months. Just spray it one of their MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloths and then wipe on and buff out.

W8 Bug Remover is currently offered at GTECHNIQ’s online store with three different sizes starting with the 250ml spray bottle that’s on sale for $8.37 while the 500ml spray is priced at $14.95. A 5-liter refill sells for $79.95.

Here’s is a video from GTECHNIQ showing their W8 Bug Remover in action:

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