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JR Rodriguez: Service Advisor Walter’s Automotive

by Craig N. from Riverside, Ca

November 6, 2018

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Hello, my name is Craig N. from Riverside, Ca.

Over the years, I have bought many cars, and trucks from various dealerships only to dread having to use/rely on their service departments. The reasons are many: poor customer service, incompetent and rude service members, always feeling rushed through the process, having only some of what I mentioned being addressed, being over charged for the repairs, being charged for unneeded repairs…etc…etc.
Well, I have some good news- I finally discovered a dealership service department that is both fair and reliable, and doesn’t practice such poor business tactics.

I bought a used 2013 Smart Car for my son about one year ago. The car began to have problems shifting so I gave, “Walter’s Automotive Group” of Riverside a call. From the get go, my call was promptly and professionally handled. I was put into contact with a service advisor named JR. Rodriguez. JR. was extremely polite (and most important-Patient). I told JR. this was my son’s first car and that he was a college student with a very limited budget. JR. listened and understood the situation and felt the car simply needed a software update of $155.00. The car was ready the same day and the repair cost was exactly what was quoted. After driving the car for a while, it turned out the problem reoccurred, and the vehicle was brought back to the dealership.
Upon inspection, the mechanics at Walters discovered it was a much more serious/costly problem than just the needed software update. JR. explained to me what was needed to repair the car, the cost, and the time needed to fix it. Feeling bad the initial software update didn’t resolve the issue, JR. arranged to have the $155.00 along with an additional 10% be removed from the repair amount. JR also arranged for my son to have a 2016 Smart Car loaned out to him, at no additional cost, until all necessary repairs were completed.

This is the kicker- when JR. called me about my son’s car being ready for pick up, he also told me the repair bill would be nearly $100.00 less because their mechanic was able to do the repair sooner than previously thought! This was something I had never experienced before. When I first realized I was going to have my son’s car fixed at a Mercedes dealership, I expected the worse. I was convinced the repairs were going to be expensive and that it would be a long time before the car would be repaired. Was I ever wrong! Not only were we treated as though we just bought the most expensive car in the place- JR. communicated with us throughout the entire repair process with all charges reflecting to the penny what JR. had originally quoted at the start. All-In-all, we saved over $300.00 on the repair, and we were never inconvenienced.

For anyone interested in buying a Mercedes or Porsche, or even a Smart Car, I can’t imagine a better place to go than Walter’s. And for anyone wanting to have their vehicle repaired elsewhere after reading this, or not checking for themselves just how awesome this place is, is making a mistake.

I HIGHLY recommend Walters Automotive Group, and even more so- JR Rodriguez as your go-to service adviser!!!

Most Sincerely,

Craig N. of Riverside Ca.