Two Legends Combine To Create This Beautiful 1971 Hellcat Cuda

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What do you think of this Hellcat swapped muscle car?

707 is a number known all too well in the automotive community, that number has been the namesake of the most powerful and insane production car in automotive history. The sound of the insane 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Hemi screaming and growling as it burns tires down the road is the stuff of legend.

So it is only fair that the screaming demon must meet another American muscle icon. We’re talking about the Barracuda, more specifically the Cuda. This predecessor to the famous Barracuda became a legend in the muscle car community for sporting the greatest engine of its time, the 426 Hemi. What we have is the pairing of two cars who were both the greatest cars of their time, brought together to create a beautiful monster.

Built by Andy Leach over at Auto Creations this resto-modded 1971 Cuda now sports the fantastic Hellcat motor spitting out a whopping 707 horsepower. That power is handled nicely through the use of coil-overs. All of the Gold, Silver, and Black on and around the engine help to contrast perfectly against the car’s metallic brown and maple exterior finish. The interior boasts tan leather seats and leather upholstery all over the dash, what sticks out most is the chrome shift knob which is connected to a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission. As for wheels, the car sports one of a set of kind wheels which are stopped with the power of Baer brakes and slotted rotors.

To put it lightly, this car is an absolute blast, old Mopar styling with new Mopar performance this car just can’t be beaten. Nowadays resto-modding has become extremely popular and even a bit cliche at this point. However, with the combination of these two legends, the idea becomes far more enticing. There is no doubt, this truly is a cool car.

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