Toyota’s Official Museum Just Added an NSX

toyota owned honda nsx

Toyota Automobile Museum / Facebook

The Toyota Automotive Museum in Nagakute city, Japan, is in part an archive of Toyota’s greatest and most rare cars. It is also, however, a fully-developed museum of the automobile as a whole, 0ne that leaves plenty of room for excellent works from Toyota’s closest competitors. That space is reserved for icons, the sort of cars that are either exceptionally rare or exceptional in what they advanced to the world as a common car. It means Toyota has made room for a Model T, a first-generation Corvette, and a Bugatti Type 57.

The exhibit has a space for revolutionary contemporary sports cars, too. That section already includes a GT-R, an NA Miata, and a Toyota-designed Lexus LF-A, but there was room for one more. The Toyota museum chose to honor another close competitor with the space, bringing in a pristine first-generation Honda NSX.

While the Toyota museum featuring cars from competitors is nothing new, it seems significant that the NSX has joined that rank. While the mid-engined Honda has long since been accepted as an important part of the sports car canon, Toyota’s decision to not only honor the car but place it directly next to their world-beating LF-A shows that they, too, see it as a crowning achievement of a car. This is a museum of the automobile, sure, but this is also the place where Toyota chooses to house irreplaceable parts of its corporate archive like their one-of-one MR2 Group S concept; putting an NSX in this collection is a sign of ultimate respect.

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