Top 4 Different Types of Car Headlights

The headlights of the car are considered one of the significant parts. Headlights can help you navigate the way or road during nighttime and can also increase the visibility of the road during bad weather conditions. So, it is essential to purchase good quality and proper functioning car headlights for your safety while driving on the road. If your car headlight got damaged and did not function well, it should get fixed as fast as possible to safeguard your vehicle from accidents.

What are Car Headlights?

Headlights can help your car by providing the light on the road ahead to find your way. It is beneficial when you are travelling at night times. It helps to warn the cars coming in the opposite direction to you about your presence on the road, and it has many benefits. The technology is getting advanced in every aspect of the industry, including the vehicle’s headlights. The first headlights were carbide lamps and improvising to several other lights, and now the lights are advanced to laser lights of the new era. A wide range of headlights is available for sale by automobile manufacturers. 

Things to Do Before purchasing:

  1. Ensure you buy headlight parts from a trusted and reliable automobile parts supplier.
  2. Get to know the complete information about the different types of headlights.

Continue reading the article to learn more details about the types of headlights.

1. Halogen:

Halogen car headlights are the most popular and widely used headlight parts that you can see in maximum cars. The bulb of this headlight will work by transmitting the power from the tungsten filament that is in a capsule of glass material filled with halogen gas. The gas present in the bulb is heat resistant; once the filament supplies power, it starts to heat, and the light glows. That is why the halogen headlight will emit in yellow colour. 

2. HID or Xenon:

Xenon or HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlight is somewhat identical to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) regularly used in homes. The filament is not needed in Xenon headlights, but the light works by using a heavy voltage area of the two electrodes, and the leftover space is full of Xenon gas. For this type of bulb, it takes some time to provide the maximum brightness as it takes time to consume the heat up. Once the light reaches the total brightness, it can deliver a bluish-white light. These HID headlights are very effective, brighter, and powerful when compared to halogen headlights and the light throw is about 200 to 250 meters.

3. LED (Light Emitting Diode):

The light-emitting diodes are popularly known as LEDs; the light works by transmitting power via light-emitting diodes. The process of blinking the light from LEDs is quite simple; no time is required to emit light, and it does not emit heat. These lights are very energy efficient and deliver maximum brightness. This bulb can fit any car headlight, and it glows immediately. It can be used in different ways and shapes, and the light throw is about 300 meters. Just imagine the LED light on premium cars; it was terrific, right? They look so glowing and make different shapes by using LEDs.

4. Lasers:

Laser headlights for the car are the latest and most advanced technology available for sale in the market. That is why laser headlights are considered the best in class. The lights boost gas by using lasers, so the light glows with maximum brightness. The primary advantage is that the light throw of the headlight is far better (i.e. about 600 meters) than other types of headlights. These lights are maximum used for high-end premium cars.


These are the top four types of headlights that are available for sale from automobile manufacturers. Consider the features of every headlight and choose the best one to suit your car model.