This $7 wash mitt wiped away my dread of DIY car washing

I pride myself on being an auto-enthusiast who’s far more concerned about how my car performs than how it looks. The motivation to wash and detail my car is only barely there – enough to want to avoid embarrassment when I pull into a parking lot or arrive at a meetup, but only barely. For years, I told myself that adding $10 at a fuel pump to run my car through some brutal automated wash tunnel was good enough.

I was lying to myself. Now that I can happily wash my car properly in about 15 minutes, I’ll never go back.

Chemical Guys Chenille Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt, Blue, Model Number: MIC811 –

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My secret is simple: a chenille wash mitt. You can buy one for less than $10 at any place with an automotive department, but I prefer this $7 Chemical Guys model because it’s scratch-free, inexpensive, top-rated, and blue.  Measuring 12 by 9 inches, this thing can hold on to an insane amount of soapy water.

Of course, the reason I love it has nothing to do with any of those features. I don’t have to hold onto some sponge or rag while I try to force it into all the grooves and nooks of my car and wheels. A wash mitt keeps me from getting fatigued “claw-hand” while I clean, and protects my knuckles from brake parts and other sharp metal bits that are near areas you want to clean.

In a rush, I can grab my wash mitt, fill a bucket with water and some good car soap (I prefer Meguiar’s Gold Class), and have the car soaped and rinsed in just eight minutes. I’m usually too lazy to dry my car, but I keep a good drying towel on hand just in case.

Again, I cannot stress enough how unmotivated I am, but a cheap wash mitt makes the chore of washing my car bearable.