The Best Trick for Getting Rid of Unwanted Stink at the Bottom of the Trash Can


Getting Rid of Trash Can Stench

Getting Rid of Trash Can Stench

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No matter how clean you keep your trash can or how often you switch the bag, there can still seem to be a stench left behind even after you’ve taken out the trash. There might not appear to be any leftover trash or leakage at the bottom of the trash can, but the nose doesn’t lie. The stink can make an unwanted appearance at any time, and there’s little you can do. Eggshells, rotten banana peels, and tossed takeout will do as they please.

Apart from the obvious solution, which is to thoroughly deep-clean your empty trash can weekly using disinfectant cleaning products, there is a surprising trick to help mitigate any bad odor in between cleaning sessions. Because, why go neck-deep into the trash can more often than you need to? All it requires is one household product that you probably already have at home: dryer sheets.

While some people are already privy to this trick thanks to a cleaning professional or an in-the-know mother, it’s still a secret to many. You simply place a dryer sheet in the bottom of your empty trash can before putting in a new trash bag. Then, go back to business as usual. Known for having anti-odor and scented properties, dryer sheets help eliminate any stench from contents leaking down to the bottom of the trash bag and congregating in smelly unison. The result? Less funk and more fresh.

Any dryer sheet of your choice will work, and you can easily double up if especially concerned about any stench arising. We’re fans of the compostable and plant-derived dryer sheets from the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day collection. The lavender scent is lovely and great when used on your clothes, too.

Just like that, you’ll find no more sneaky, smelly intrusions in your kitchen. That is, trash-related. Someone deciding to cook up Creamed Chipped Beef & Toast is another story.


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