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OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Oct. 26, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s a clever idea and one that sprung from two near-miss accidents when Arlene Mathews, a registered nurse, and founder of Care Dynamics, Inc. attempted to grab a tissue while driving. She’s now relaunched the product with a better look and design.

“Ahh…ahh…choo,” Mathews says. “By the second ‘ahh’ you’ll already have a tissue in hand when you hang the Automotive Tissue Valet from the passenger seat’s headrest.”

Mathews decided to change how the world stores tissues in motor vehicles after her second close call. The first time, she attempted to grab a tissue from a box on the back seat while she was driving and the second time; she tried to get a tissue out of a box on the passenger floor. Now, with the Automotive Tissue Valet, finding a tissue is safe and effortless.

Drivers can reach for a tissue without taking their eyes off the road. It has an adjustable strap and can easily be hung over the passenger seat headrest and to accommodate back seat passengers.

When Mathews first launched the product, she went through the usual new product development procedures of having a prototype made and identifying a manufacturer. After an order was placed and the product received, it was placed for sale on Amazon.

“And, while the item sold well and received great reviews, I decided it could be improved. The new and improved design has a tuck-lid opening for effortless tissue box insertion and material upgrade,” she says.

After redesigning the product, a patent application was filed and a US Design Patent was granted.

The universal, neat uncluttered design fits the interior of any motor vehicle and protects the tissue box. In addition to making tissues accessible to drivers, unlike tissue holders that store tissues on the sun visor, or inside the console, the tissue valet makes tissues easily accessible to back seat passengers.

The Automotive Tissue Valet is made with very durable black polyester material and has a 10-year guarantee. It’s available in two sizes – for flat and large size tissue boxes. It’s also available for licensing and branding. Its design allows space for printing of a brand and/or logo.

Mathews believes that anyone with a nose in need of a tissue while in a motor vehicle, whether driver or passenger, will appreciate the Automotive Tissue Valet’s convenience and usefulness.

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