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TrueCar’s Mike Darrow Says Car Sales Could Pick Up Late This Year

  • Combined pressures during the pandemic saw limited new car availability push used car prices to record highs.
  • Some analysts believe the used car market peaked at the end of 2021 and that as more new cars become more readily available, those historic prices will fall.
  • TrueCar collects new and used car data from over 15,000 dealerships to compile their insights and help buyers make car-buying decisions.

    Record inflation. Supply chain issues and shortages of critical parts and computer chips. And in almost unheard of fashion, some used cars are selling for more than new cars.

    It hasn’t been an easy start to 2022 for the auto industry, but there are reasons to be bullish the retail market will turn around by year’s end, or sooner.

    “All of our data shows us that we’ve we found the bottom at the end of Q4 (in 2021), and we think the first

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    Edmunds: Shopping for a car this year will not be the same

    2021 was an unusual year for the automotive industry. While customer demand for new cars rebounded from the economic uncertainty of 2020, automakers found themselves unable to meet that demand because of semiconductor chip shortages and supply chain problems. So what should car shoppers expect for 2022? Much of the same, unfortunately.

    “Competition for new vehicles will be fierce as inventory shortages persist in 2022,” said Ivan Drury, Edmunds’ senior manager of insights for Edmunds.

    Shoppers today must contend with a limited selection, dealership markups, little to no discounts, and a greater sense of urgency to move quickly on a deal. With this in mind, here are five ways that car buying has changed, along with a few tips on how to manage it.



    Vehicles that make their way onto the lot are more likely to be in more expensive trims and either marked

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    2022 What Car? Car of the Year Awards: The Contenders

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