Rats! Handling Pests and Other Car Woes as We Resume Driving

While you left your car parked for long stretches during the coronavirus lockdown, it might have had some unwelcome visitors: rats, mice, squirrels or even possums. These critters like building nests in cozy, dark, dry places and enjoy munching on the insulation of your engine’s wiring system, resulting in expensive repairs.

But furry trespassers are only one of several problems you might discover when you try to fire up Old Faithful for the first time in months, from dead batteries and flat tires to contaminated fluids and stale gasoline. Here are five common troubles and how to deal with them.

Evict any critters

If you suspect you might have squatters, open the hood and look for animal droppings, tracks or debris from nest-building, says Duane Sayaloune, a master automotive technician with YourMechanic.com, a mobile service performing repairs and maintenance. If you see that the wiring insulation has been eaten

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