Routine check-ups can save a trip to the car shop after winter weather | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA – The cold weather in Mid-Missouri is far from over, and cars that aren’t taken care of in the cold could cause an unexpected trip to the repair shop.

All-Star Automotive is a place where mechanics are specialized to keep cars in winter weather shape.

Each winter All-Star sees the same problems:

  • Dead car batteries
  • Damaged windshield wipers and wiper system
  • Problems from sliding on ice into obstructions  
  • Tire, wheel, and suspension damage from winter-created potholes.

All-Star has had more business trickling in with frigid temperatures coming through Mid-Missouri.

“There’s been a little bit of an increase since Missouri decided that it was going to be cold now.”

All-Star Automotive says to keep an eye on older cars that are more apt to complications from

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How to prepare your car’s battery for winter

Winter is really hard on car batteries, causing them to charge more slowly while driving and perhaps come up short on the cranking power needed to start your car’s engine. Add to that the fact that winter’s dark, short, cold days are arguably the worst time to be stranded and you’ll want to take 15 minutes to do some dead battery prevention right now.

Gather up these tools and supplies:

Put on the gloves because batteries tend to be dirty and sometimes toxic to the touch. Using the wrench carefully to not let it make a circuit between battery terminals or to the metal of the car, loosen the negative or black battery cable clamp first and secure that cable so it won’t jump back into position. Then remove the positive

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Ford Asks Texas Car Dealers to Loan Out Trucks with Generators amid Power Outages Due to Winter Snowstorm

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Ford Motor Co. is hoping to lend a helping hand as millions of people in Texas are without electricity after an unprecedented winter storm tore through the state.

On Thursday, the automaker issued a letter to its dealerships in the Lone Star State asking them to loan out F-150 trucks to those without electricity so they can use the vehicle’s onboard generator as a source of power, according to Automotive News.

“For well over a century, Ford Motor Co. and our dealer partners have been there to support and serve our communities in time of need,” the letter said, per the outlet. “Our Texas communities need all the support they can get right now. You can make a significant difference in our community by providing assistance during these very tough times.”

Ford reportedly said in its letter that there are about 415 pickups within its Texas dealerships

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Heartland auto shop sees rush of winter weather vehicle repairs

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – Much of Wednesday’s snow has melted away and the roads are clear, but conditions caused dozens of wrecks across the Heartland.

a car covered in snow: Missouri State Highway Patrol says they got more than 100 calls from people needing service during the snow Wednesday.

© Provided by Paducah-Cape Girard KFVS-TV
Missouri State Highway Patrol says they got more than 100 calls from people needing service during the snow Wednesday.

Now, local repair shops face a rush of new customers.


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Car repairs pick up during the winter at James Auto Body and Glass.

The manager, Josh Lineberry, said in a few days he expects to see more cars coming in with damage due to Wednesday’s road conditions. “There’s a little bit of a delay in when the calls and cars start coming in from the initial accident times.”

“They’re usually taken to salvage yards if they slide off and need to be towed before they make it here,” stated Lineberry.

He said insurance is part of the

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