Ford Might Ask Dealers to Install Chips in Unfinished Cars

Photo credit: Ford

Photo credit: Ford

  • Ford is reportedly considering a plan to ship vehicles to dealerships without the crucial semiconductor chips installed, with the dealers completing the vehicles when new chips arrive.

  • Ford would provide training for service technicians to install the chips and would compensate dealerships for the extra labor.

  • Ford has been storing unfinished vehicles at lots in several states but is apparently low on space and wants to keep factories running.

Ford is considering a new plan to alleviate the buildup of unfinished vehicles sitting in lots across the country as a result of the global semiconductor chip shortage. According to Automotive News, Ford is currently debating a proposal to ship vehicles that are still missing the chips to dealerships, shifting the onus for installing the chips—once supplies are replenished—onto the dealers. Ford has been manufacturing vehicles without the semiconductors and storing them in lots in several states,

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